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AEIC/ICEA Specification Qualification

  Cable Technology Laboratories is equipped to conduct all tests covered by current Association of Edison Illumination Companies (AEIC) Specifications as well as by Specifications of Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA) for low, medium, and high voltage power cables and their accessories.

  Qualification tests for power cables with extruded insulation are a special service of our laboratories.  A full scope of qualification tests are performed for cables rated up to 138 kV.  Selected tests can also be performed for cables rated up to 345 kV. 

  Services for manufacturing plant inspection and reference testing of production sampling can be provided in conjunction with qualification testing. This service provides an independent check on production and in some cases referee testing.

  Cable Technology Laboratories also is equipped to conduct most tests on oil-impregnated paper insulated power cables covered by AEIC Specifications. Production tests of cable components and sample tests for impregnated-paper-insulated high-pressure pipe-type, low-pressure oil-filled, solid-type lead covered, and low-pressure gas-filled lead covered cables are regularly conducted.

Qualification Testing: Service
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